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FreeDivination.com provides the best do-it-yourself fortune telling tools on the web. You can choose from 8 amazing online oracles including: tarot readings, cartomancy with playing cards, runes, I-Ching, Mah-jong readings, domino readings, Lemnisk8-Ball, and the Lucky Numbers generator. To use this site, you can follow the links to the spreads and layouts pages for the oracles and click the spread you would like to use to get your reading. Just remember to think of the question you would like answered first, and the reading will be generated for you immediately. If you are already familiar with the layouts, you can use the convenient dropdown menus on the oracle pages to save time. The layouts for each oracle are the same, so if you know how it works using one oracle, you already know how it works for the others. Enjoy your fortunes!

And for more information on, or related to, the subject of divination, check out the Tarot Directory.

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