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Your Blind Spot

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What you know What you don't know
What others know
The Empress
The Chariot
What others don't know
9 of Swords
5 of Swords
This card displays your obvious identity, the part of you that everyone knows.

The Empress

Seated on her throne, the Empress holds up the golden sceptor. She represents the archtypal female.

Upright Meaning:

Fertility, pregnancy, motherly instincts, fruitfulness, compassion, diplomacy, public rejoicings, jubilation.

This card shows unconscious driving forces that neither you nor your company is aware of about you. This is the Great Unknown.

5 of Swords

A disdainful man looks after two retreating and dejected figures. Their swords lie upon the ground. He carries two others on his left shoulder, and a third sword is in his right hand, point to earth. He is the master in possession of the field.

Upright Meaning:

Degradation, destruction, revocation, infamy, dishonor, loss, disdain, notoriety.

The secrets you keep from others are shown by this card.

9 of Swords

One seated on her couch in lamentation, with the swords over her. She is as one who knows no sorrow which is like unto hers. It is a card of utter desolation.

Upright Meaning:

Death, failure, miscarriage, delay, deception, disappointment, despair, nightmares, worry, tension, extreme anxiety, obsession.

This is your Blind Spot. This is what you asked about - what you wished to be made aware of by this reading.

The Chariot

A stately figure drives a chariot pulled by a black and a white Sphinx. The canopy of his chariot is the night sky, emblazened with stars.

Reversed Meaning:

Riot, quarrel, dispute, litigation, defeat, presumption, vengeance, trouble, a bad trip, problems multiplied.

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