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Your Blind Spot

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What you know What you don't know
What others know
The Hanged Man
Ace of Cups
What others don't know
2 of Cups
10 of Swords
This card displays your obvious identity, the part of you that everyone knows.

The Hanged Man

A man hangs upside down from the Tau cross. This is a card of self-sacrifice and enlightenment.

Upright Meaning:

Wisdom, circumspection, discernment, trials, sacrifice, augury, prophecy, pause, reflection, ideas, imagination, meditation.

This card shows unconscious driving forces that neither you nor your company is aware of about you. This is the Great Unknown.

10 of Swords

A murder victim, pierced by ten swords showing the act of excessive force.

Upright Meaning:

Pain, affliction, tears, sadness, desolation. It is not especially a card of violent death, but the feeling of utter victimization and hopelessness.

The secrets you keep from others are shown by this card.

2 of Cups

A youth and maiden are pledging the love of one another, and above their cups rises the Caduceus of Hermes, between the great wings of which there appears a lion's head. It is a variant of a sign which is found in a few old examples of this card.

Upright Meaning:

Love, passion, friendship, affinity, union, concord, sympathy, the interrelation of the sexes, and - as a suggestion apart from all offices of divination - that desire which Nature is sanctified.

This is your Blind Spot. This is what you asked about - what you wished to be made aware of by this reading.

Ace of Cups

Atop the waters are water-lillies; the hand reaches out from the cloud, holding in its palm the cup, from which four streams are pouring; a dove, bearing in its bill a cross-marked Host, descends to place the Wafer in the Cup; the dew of water is falling on all sides.

Reversed Meaning:

House of the false heart, mutation, instability, revolution.

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