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The Horse Shoe

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9 of Pentacles
Hidden Influences

      External Influences

10 of Pentacles
The Past

4 of Swords

King of Cups
The Present

4 of Cups
      The Outcome

Knight of Cups
The Past Card represents past events that are affecting the question.
4 of Cups

A young man is seated under a tree and contemplates three cups set on the grass before him; an arm reaching out from a cloud offers him another cup. His expression notwithstanding is one of discontent with his environment.

Upright Meaning:

Weariness, blended pleasure, disgust, aversion, imaginary vexations, as if the wine of this world had caused satiety only; another wine, as if a fairy gift, is now offered the wastrel, but he sees no consolation therein.

The Present Card represents the current state or immediately approaching influence.
4 of Swords

The effigy of a knight in the attitude of prayer, at full length upon his tomb.

Upright Meaning:

Vigilance, retreat, solitude, hermit's repose, exile, tomb and coffin. It is these last that have suggested the design.

Hidden Influences - Things that you may not be aware of, or barely be aware of.

An angel in the heavens blows a trumpet, calling the dead to rise from their graves.

Reversed Meaning:

Weakness, simplicity, deliberation, decision, sentence, lawsuit, loss, condemnation.

Obstacle - This is your challenge.
9 of Pentacles

A woman with a bird upon her wrist, stands amidst a great abundance of grapevines in the garden of a luxurious manorial house. Possibly it is her own possession and testifies to material well-being.

Upright Meaning:

Prudence, safety, success, accomplishment, certitude, discernment, security, refuge, shelter, sanctuary.

External Influences - Attitudes about this situation from people around the querent.
10 of Pentacles

A man and woman beneath an archway which gives entrance to a house. They are accompanied by a child, who admires two dogs accosting an old man sitting on the porch. The child is petting one of them.

Upright Meaning:

Gain, riches, family matters, the home, gift, dowry, pension, haven, country, neighborhood, comfort zone.

Suggestion - The recommended course of action.
King of Cups

He holds a short sceptre in his left hand and a great cup in his right; his throne is set upon the sea; on one side a ship is riding and on the other a dolphin is leaping.

Upright Meaning:

Fair man, man of business, law, or divinity; responsible, disposed to oblige the Querent; also equity, art and science, including those who profess science, law and art; creative intelligence.

The Outcome - What will happen if the suggestion is followed.
Knight of Cups

Graceful, and not warlike; riding quietly, wearing a winged helmet, referring to those higher graces of the imagination which sometimes characterize this card. He too is a dreamer, but the images of the side of sense haunt him in his vision.

Upright Meaning:

Arrival, approach - sometimes that of a messenger; advances, proposition, demeanour, invitation, incitement.

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