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Mah-jong Reading

An eastern oracle

Mah-jong is not merely a game, but also a Chinese method of fortune-telling. There are 46 tiles in the Mah-jong set. The images on these tiles contain certain symbolic meanings that make Mah-jong such a fine online oracle – making use of ancient Chinese symbolism: things such as circles, bamboo, dragons of different colors, and other symbolic animals. As with tarot, dominoes, and other methods of divination, the reader mixes up the tiles, ordinarily done in perhaps a cup or bag, selecting the number required for the particular layout, arranging them in the proper order.



To get a reading using the set of 46 Mah-jong tiles, select from the list of layouts below and click the Go Button.






In case you are not familiar with the tarot layouts on this website, it may be wise to read about the Mah-jong layouts. These layouts are the same as the layouts we use for the other oracles on this site, so if you have used a particular layout for one of the others, then you already know how it works for Mah-jong. There are layouts to answer any kind of question that may arise. Certain layouts have a specific focus, while others are more useful in answering generalised questions of just about any kind.