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Rune Reading

An ancient Norse method

The runes are a set of small stones or blocks engraved with the letters of the Norse alphabet. The ancient Norse peoples, which are also known as the Germanic tribes, used the runes to predict the future. They would cast the runes, often just throwing them, and interpret them according to how they would fall. This method of fortune-telling pre-dates the known origins of the tarot runes by at least a thousand years. There are 24 runes in the set, which correspond to the Norse or "Runic" alphabet, and one extra blank rune known as Wyrd. When this 'weird' un-rune appears, it signifies something major, generally a change for the better.



To get a reading using runes, select from the list of layouts in the form below and click the Go Button.






Since traditional rune casts done by tossing the runes would not work with an online oracle, we make use of rune layouts based upon our list of tarot layouts. If you have not used the other methods of fortune-telling on FreeDivination.com, you may wish to read about the rune layouts before doing a rune reading. The various layouts have been designed to answer any types of questions you may wish to ask. There are layouts which cover the broader focuses, and there are others designed to answer questions about certain, more specific concerns.